Two heroic women

Today Mother Church holds up for us two women as examples of courage. First, the woman in the Gospel who risks everything to touch the tassel of Jesus’ garment. She broke all the rules by leaving her house, and who knows what might have happened to her. But she takes the risk and touches Jesus.  The other woman was really not a woman, but a girl. St. Maria Goretti was 12 when she was killed resisting the attacks of a neighbor who wanted to have his way with her. She refused time and again, and finally he held up a sword, and still she resisted. For that, she was stabbed to death. She was 12. These two women had the courage to give all up for the Lord. CS Lewis said that courage isn’t just a virtue; it’s the form all the virtues take at their testing point. Their faith, hope, and love (just to name the theological virtues) were put to the test but took courageous form when it mattered most. May we have the same courage to do what is right always.