Wrestlings and blessings

Two thoughts.  First, I’m intrigued by Jacob’s wrestling match. He is fighting with something unknown to him, someone unknown. He asks the man for his name, but he refuses to answer. Maybe there’s a lesson here. Much of what we fight with, what we deal with, what we prevail over is unknown to us. We can’t articulate it, even to ourselves. But God promises healing to even that infection whose nature we don’t know.  He heals it all.

Second, today Jesus asks us to pray for laborers for the harvest. We must pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood.  Jacob has a neat line in the first reading: “I will not let you go until you bless me.” The world is hungry for blessing, and God’s priests are charged with blessing as their primary ministry. What do those blessings look like? They look like what we see Jesus doing in the Gospel: healing, proclaiming, feeding, teaching, praying, etc.  We all need blessings.  We all need priests.  Today let us pray in a special way for vocations to the priesthood from this parish.