Tear-soaked handkerchiefs

lawreThe first reading today tells us again the story of the parting of the sea. It’s same old theme of God intervening and bringing liberty to his people. He does it for us all the time still today. Hence we call Jesus our Savior; he saves us. Now today’s saint, St. Lawrence of Brindisi, was one of the early ones to say something rather controversial about this. He said that even if Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned, Jesus still would have come. His point is that God’s nature is so awesome, so mighty, so incarnational, so loving, so triune that he could not not have come in all his glory and love to us. Such a God is worthy of all our following. That theme of discipleship is the Gospel’s message today. St Lawrence offers us an example of two beautiful kinds of discipleship: discipleship of the mind (he wrote a 12 volume set on Genesis, taught just about everything, was a masterful writer and preacher) and discipleship of the heart (some of his most popular relics: the handkerchiefs he used to dry the tears that flowed at his celebrations of the Mass.) He was a man of intellect and piety, and he shows us that the go together. Let us strive ever to grow in our following of the Lord. May we follow him so closely that, if not our eyes, at least our hearts will weep at our reception of the Blessed Sacrament today