That’s dedication

Today we celebrate the feast not of a person and not of a building. We celebrate today the act of dedication, of a particular church, one of the four papal basilicas in Rome…Mary Major. It’s stood a long time. Since the fifth century. Pope Sixtus the 3rd had it built after the Council of Ephesus to teach folks that indeed Mary is Mother of God. Mary is mother of Jesus. Jesus is God. Ergo…MOther of God. Duh. It has stood a long time and has been renovated, but at the core it has looked the same. It’s impressive. I saw it in January. But you and I know, as we’ve been told a thousand times, that we’re are the best temples of the Lord, better than even the oldest and prettiest and biggest churches. And if those can be dedicated to Mary and ultimately to God, so ought we dedicate ourselves to the Lord through Mary. Now is a good time to do just that in our hearts. Let us dedicate our lives, our famililes, our every action to Mary. She’ll take care of the rest