Pope: Without tensions in life, we’d be living in a cemetery

From Zenit:

“But what would it be if we think of a society, a family, a group of friends, without tensions and without conflicts? … It would be a cemetery, because only in the dead things are there not tensions and conflicts.” Where there is life, there is tension and conflict, he said, but by realizing this and seeking peace with God, we can surpass them.

“Conflicts,” Francis noted, “do us good because they help us to understand differences and realize the importance of finding solutions. Tensions, he underscored, can help young people grow and develop courage, which is needed to face challenges.

“A young person without courage,” he said, “is a wishy-washy young person, an ‘old’ young person! Sometimes I find myself wanting to say to the young people, don’t go into retirement because there are young people that go into retirement at 20 years old.”