Feast of St. Bartholomew

Today Mother Church celebrates the feast of St. Bartholomew, known as Nathaniel in the Gospel of John. He was young man, and a bit of a smart aleck.  We know the type and often dismiss them. But Jesus looks at this Bartholomew and says, “There is no duplicity in him.” We can say the same about the young church I think. They may appear to be smart alecks and “too cool for God,” but they are good and there is rarely the duplicity in them that we might at first think we see. In any event, Bart was under a tree one day. We don’t know why: perhaps he was tired, perhaps distressed, perhaps afraid of something. And Philip found him there. His is a unique story: Jesus did not directly call this apostle as he did all the others. He used Philip. Today let us think about what trees we are under and pray to God for the strength to come out from them. Let us also pray for the grace to help others out from the trees they might be stuck beneath.