The best thing we can do to behave well in church, according to our 5th graders

In our first reading today, St. Paul tells St. Timothy, “You should know how to behave in the household of God.” Miss Rode’s fifth grade and I were talking about this as we planned for this Mass, about what we can do to behave well in church. They all gave me a big list: bow, genuflect, sing, don’t talk, don’t fidget. It was a long list. I asked them what the most important thing on there was, and they said “listen.”  That is the most important thing to do in church. I agree with them. God always has something to say to us!  We decided that maybe people don’t listen well in church because they don’t love God enough. Interesting! That’s what the disciples’ problem was in the Gospel. Jesus says, “I told you a joke but you didn’t even smile! I sang a sad song and you didn’t cry.” He was telling them, “No matter what I say, you are indifferent! You just  don’t care!”  If we cared more, loved God more, we would listen a lot better. Let’s work on that.