Is there a question you are afraid to ask God?

The last line of today’s Gospel: “And they were afraid to ask him about this saying.”  The disciples were afraid to ask the Lord their question. Usually we are afraid to ask God something when we have a good sense as to what his answer might be. What are you afraid to ask God?  Something about your family? Your job? A relationship? A college choice? A career? A life change? Today we celebrate the feast day of Sts. Cosmos and Damien, old saints who had so great a following their names are in Eucharistic Prayer I, which we will use today in remembrance of them. They were doctors, known as the “moneyless ones” because they served the poorest, the ones who could not afford to pay them for their services. They were, I’m sure, tempted to play it safe early in their careers, when the money was flowing in. They might have been afraid to ask God whom they were actually called to serve, what they were actually meant to do with their lives. But they gathered the guts to ask him. And they are saints because they asked, and answered by their lives.