3 thoughts for today…

  1. Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Margaret Mary, a woman whose visions (she was, fittingly, a member of the Sisters of the Visitation) in the 17th century ended up bringing to our Holy Church the wonderful tradition that is First Fridays. We continue this devotion here at Our Lady of the Greenwood. This was part of her larger calling, given to her in her visions, to call to the world’s attention the Sacred Heart and the Lord’s love for humankind. Today’s Gospel assures us of this love–that God knows even the number of our hairs. Our world needs this message, and so we share in St Margaret Mary’s mission of spreading it.
  2. St Margaret Mary faced hostility from her other sisters, who resented her visions and her piety. It’s kind of like the Gospel today, where so many folks are approaching Jesus that they end up trampling over one another. Isn’t that interesting? That in a common pursuit of Jesus, we have a way of hurting one another along the way. I can think of examples.
  3. St. Margaret Mary died saying this: “I need nothing but God, and to lose myself in the heart of Jesus.”