Snowflakes and snowballs: A homily for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)

snowI have 12 couples in marriage preparation right now. It is a real blessing for this parish that so many people are answering the call to sacred married life. We pray for them.

The readings today are about the importance of marriage, the importance of family, the importance of having one another.  The Bible, in fact, is flooded with words about marriage and how beautiful it is.  Marriage is written about in the first book of Genesis and the last book of Revelation. It is all over the Scriptures.  Today’s Gospel, for example, reminds us that Jesus’ first miracle took place at a wedding. There is something miraculous that happens when people come together and join themselves together.

The first reading reminds us that the marriage that is most important is God’s with us…he says we are God’s spouse.  Isn’t that wild?  Marital language is what God uses to describe his affection for us. It is the thing that comes closest to capturing the relationship God wants with each of us: a marital relationship, a daily, sometimes routine, but always beautiful relationship–one that cannot be separated, one that is always producing new life and new love.

When we are married to God, when we are engaged with him and with one another, when we all come together in a marital kind of way….it’s something wicked awesome and powerful and beautiful.

Here’s the thing. I love snow. What a beautiful snow it is out there right now. I got to thinking.  A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations. Alone it cannot survive, alone it melts away. But think about a snowball.  A snowball is nothing but a collection of snowflakes, a collection of things that alone are pretty weak and powerless.

You and I, we are the snowflakes.  The Church is the snowball. It is massive, it is big, it is cool. And God is chucking it right up to heaven. Inasmuch as we remain a part of it, inasmuch as we remain together with the Lord and one another in the Church, we’re in a good place.  The snowball takes us right up to heaven because we are a part of it.  Today we thank God for having us be a part of this snowball that is the Catholic Church, and we ask his blessing on all the snowflakes floating around aimlessly. We pray they will become a part of this divine snowball, the snowball of the church.