God brings out the best in us: A homily for the CHIRP leaders

A few days ago, Pope Francis said to a stadium of high school folks in Mexico: “In Jesus, I have met the one who brings out the best in me.”  I love it. That is what God does. He brings out the best in us. We all know the feeling of being around friends who do the same, folks around whom we are….better people.  All the more so with Jesus.  In our first reading, God brings out the best of the wicked man who then becomes righteous man who turns away from all the sins he committed and begins to keep all God’s statutes and does what is right and just.  God brought out his best. Same in the Gospel. Jesus tells us of a man who brings his gifts to the altar. He brings his firstfruits, his best, and leaves it to God–and we see how we need to have a reconciling heart–one that prompts us to make peace with our brothers and sisters–before God can bring out that best. Today, we send off many women who will be leading the Women’s CHIRP weekend this weekend. We pray God’s blessing upon you. We pray that you will help to bring out the best in the women who will be coming, not only this weekend, but for the rest our their lives.