Why do you think we fast?

So I asked the first graders at OLG: Why do you think we fast?  Here are their answers and my comments in italics.  I am highly impressed!

  1. So we don’t get fat – that is, so we remain healthy!
  2. So we make room for God – Beautiful! Yes, we refrain from certain things in order to make room for the Lord.  All too often we try to fill our bodies and lives with junk. Let it out and let in God
  3. Because we love God – We love God enough to say no to things that are less than God
  4. So our extra money can be given to those who need it – Amen brother
  5. Because Jesus said to – Amen sister
  6. To get stronger – That is, we grow in self-discipline!  If we can do without salt we can do without things that harm our souls