A welcome for the Lord: A homily for Palm Sunday

Tdownloadhe palm branches that we hold in our hands, they remind us of the welcome that we always want to have for Jesus. We hold our branches up as a way of welcoming the Lord, just as folks did in Jerusalem when the Good Lord entered there at the start of the first holy week. We will place our palm branch behind a cross or a picture of Jesus or Mary in our houses. Let it always be a reminder that we need to welcome Jesus into every part of our lives. We welcome him into our houses, our families, our relationships, our jobs, our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our bodies, our everything. We need Jesus. Let us welcome him always into our lives. And when we invite him into all those places, he will transform them all, raise up whatever needs to be raised up—as surely as he raised himself up on Easter Day. This week, the holiest week of the year, we have some great opportunities to welcome the Lord into our lives a bit more, to let the mystery of our salvation touch our hearts. Let us take advantage of them. Go to the penance service on Monday at 7pm here. Celebrate with us on Thursday the institution of the Eucharist, the last Supper. Come on Friday at 1pm and remember the moment that Jesus died…for you. Join with us on Holy Saturday at 9pm to welcome into the church a whole bunch of new members, the renewal of the church around the world and the renewal of our lives! Let us enter into this week and let God enter into our hearts.