Daily Homily Thoughts 1/10/17

A new year of OT begins today….perhaps a time to renew my old practice of posting daily homily thoughts…..quick thoughts that come from prayer and which I usually write out here at the end of the day after saying something like them at the Mass earlier in the day

Three simple thoughts on this first day of OT in 2017:

  1. The weather outside is yucky–it is raining, cold, and windy. The climate in the church is always beautiful, always peaceful.
  2. In our Gospel Jesus performs something of an exorcism–a happy reminder that Jesus has the final say. Not our illnesses, problems, difficulties. Jesus.
  3. Our first reading from Hebrews says that Jesus “is not ashamed to call them ‘brothers.'”  There is something powerful about brotherhood: brothers stick together, they’re in it together. On the other side of the wall right now is the first night of play practice for Les Mis. There is a great line in there at the beginning of the story where the bishop (Christ figure of course) calls Valjean (a criminal in the eyes of the state, a man who had just robbed him) his brother.  Valjean, reflecting on the bishop’s mercy, sings a soliloquy:

    Yet why did I allow that man
    To touch my soul and teach me love?
    He treated me like any other
    He gave me his trust
    He called me brother
    My life he claims for God above
    Can such things be?
    For I had come to hate the world
    This world that always hated me

    Folks, that is the same with us. We are sinners, criminals–“lower than the angels”–but Jesus gives us honor and glory. He calls us brothers. He claims us for God above.