Daily Homily Thoughts 1/13/2017

Today we celebrate St. Hilary of Poitiers, 4th century convert and later bishop (of his hometown) in modern-day France.  He has many titles: “Athanasius of the West,” “trumpet of the Latins,” “most illustrious doctor of the churches,” “sower of discord,” and “troublemaker of the Orient.” He was exiled some 2000 miles away by the Arian emperor Constantius II because he continued to proclaim the divinity of Christ.  PS 78 today says: “What we have heard and know, and what our fathers have declared to us, we will declare to the generation to come. The glorious deeds of the LORD and his strength.”  St. Hilary did this, even when it wasn’t popular. One time he was preaching a sermon on a tough subject. Some people began to leave. This kind and gentle man (that is his reputation) purportedly said, “You will not so easily escape hell!”  We proclaim what has been handed down, because it is from Jesus and it leads us to salvation.