Daily Homily Thoughts 1/23

Today, in all dioceses of the United States, Mass is being offered for the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. We pray for an end to the atrocity of abortion. An entire group of people have been killed in the last many years with the blessing of our laws. They are the voiceless, unable to stand up for themselves. Fortunately the Holy Church has a loud voice. We must reverence their lives, we must fight for their rights. Why? Because as scripture says, God knew each of us before he formed us in the womb. He planned us before creation. A friend of mine is in the seminary now. His birth mother 17 years ago had a choice: will I have this child and give him up for adoption, or should I have an abortion? She thankfully ended up choosing the former. I think of the lives he will touch and all he already has–thank God he was born! How many have not been afforded the chance, have been sucked out by a vacuum and thrown into a garbage can. And we say it’s okay. It is not okay. Today we pray for an end to the law that allows this to happen. It is truly the biggest civil rights issue of our day. May God have mercy on us all.