Daily homily thoughts, 1/31

It is no accident that we celebrate the dead day of St. John Bosco today, during Catholic Schools Week. John Bosco set up many schools in his day and founded the Salesian order, whose members set out to create many more schools. He said that parochial schools are important because hey are not just “another option” or “ends in themselves”; rather, they exist to get kids to heaven, to show them the way and provide them the tools to follow. Amen! It reminds us why we have our own school here. We should all support it, pray for it. Like so many of the saints, Don Bosco loved youth and Catholic schools. He had his young men at his boarding schools receive communion every morning. He said that if one wants to become a saint, four things are necessary– 1) always have a clear conscience, 2) moderation in eating, 3) live an active life, and 4) surround yourself with good companions.