Daily homily thoughts, 2/25

Today at this Global Solidarity gathering, we remember an important lesson from Mother Teresa. She said, we all belong to each other. Every problem in the world can be traced to the fact that we forget this.  One reason I think Jesus tells us to be like children if we want to get to heaven is this.  Children have a strong sense that they belong to their mom, their dad, their siblings. And God.  We are dependent upon one another, upon God; that is the point of the first reading, too. A friend of mine was tucking her four year old into bed a couple days ago. He said this: “Mommy, I am going to say a prayer for you….. Dear God, take all the ouches away. Please come back God because I love you and bring all the people back with you and tell them to go to work. AMEN.”  We belong to each other; when others hurt we hurt. It’s time to take the ouches away from the world. It is time to get to work and answer that boy’s prayer.