Daily homily thoughts, 2/27

I just want to reflect on a few bodily movements or postures in our readings today. First, we see the man RUN to Jesus. We should always have such excitement for the Lord, that we run to him. Second, we see this fellow KNEEL. Kneeling is the most common position of prayer we find in the scriptures. Whenever someone implored a mercy or grace or miracle from Jesus, he or she knelt. Jesus knelt when he prayed to the Father. Kneeling is important. To kneel is to cultivate a position of humility, of need. It reminds us God is God and we aren’t. Not everyone can kneel and that’s fine. Don’t do it if you can’t. But for those of us who can, maybe in Lent we should kneel more in our prayers. Third, we see the rich man WALK AWAY…sad. Whenever we sin, whenever we estimate something we’ve got more than God, we physically and spiritually walk away from him, distance ourselves from the Lord. The first reading says the same, and reminds us that thanks to God’s mercy, we can always walk back. The last bodily movement we see today is that of Jesus’s GAZE. “Looking at him, he love him,” says the Good word. That gaze of Jesus….he looks with that same gaze of love every time we enter the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. We pray we always have open eyes for it, always run towards Jesus, walking back to him when we fall, and that we will always kneel to him in a spirit of love, need and sorrow.