The Church and the Rock: A homily for the Third Sunday of Lent (A)

mosesToday’s readings give us a beautiful image of the Holy Church.  The Church is like a rock, with living waters flowing out of it.  Some scripture scholars–and I’m right with them–say that the rock in the desert that Moses struck is a foreshadowing of the Church.  Jesus himself makes this identification between the Church and the image of the rock.  We see it in other places in the scriptures, too.

Just as water gushed out the side of Our Lord in the Cross, flowing from the Body of Christ the Church are unending waters that nourish the world, waters that heal, waters of wisdom and sound doctrine, waters that purify and refresh, waters that give and sustain life–even eternal life. Often the rock of the Church is planted in a desert, in a mission field, and then it generates life and faith there.  Greenwood was once such a desert; then OLG came, and people came here echoing the words of the Gospel: “Give me a drink.”  The world is thirsty indeed.  We outgrew our church in just a few years.

I hope the video you have just watched helped you to see some of the many ways that waters flow out of the side of this parish.  If the whole Church is a rock, then this parish–it’s just a small pebble–but wow, we do a lot!!  And you and I get to be a part of it.  That is a high honor, and one we should remember as we make our annual pledges now.  With every dollar we give, with every hour of service or ministry, with every talent given back to God–we stand with Moses and strike the side of the rock.  Let the waters flow.

I will post the video when it is posted on YouTube.