Daily homily thoughts, 3/31

St. Teresa of Avila used to talk about “holy envy.”  It means that we should always be inspired by the holiness of others.  The holiness of others is meant to spur us on to greater holiness ourselves.  I sensed this in the seminary.  It should be a reality for religious congregations, too, and for parishes, parish schools and classrooms, and even families. We should be inspired by the holiness, the spirituality, the command of scripture and dogma, or the prayer lives of others–and seek to better our own.  Today’s first reading, though, reminds us that sometimes we are tempted to do the opposite, such that, when faced with holy and pious and great people, we try to tear them down rather than seek to raise ourselves. The Scripture reads: “The wicked said among themselves,thinking not aright:”Let us beset the just one, because he is obnoxious to us….”  Let’s think of someone holier, more pious than us–and let’s let that example spur us on to be better.