Daily homily thoughts, 4/3

Two thoughts for today.  First, the story of Susanna….this terrible story of lust, lies, deceit, violence, and death…it all started with a lustful look. Sin is that way. Things start on a smaller scale, with small infractions, but then quickly escalate to much worse. It’s a domino effect. We must be careful of this, especially when it comes to sins of the flesh. The Enemy knows he can destroy a great deal of good souls when he can convince them to compromise on the sixth and ninth commandments.  Second thought.  The woman in our Gospel, she too had fallen in the sixth and ninth commandment. Everyone judges her. Jesus tells them–and us today–not to.  There’s a great church sign I just say.  It reads: “Just be nice to everyone. I’ll sort ’em out later. -God”