Daily Homily Thoughts, 4/25

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Mark, the heavenly patron of our pastor. Let us pray for our pastor today. I am very thankful for him. In our first reading today, the first Holy Father, St Peter, calls Mark “my son.”  There was a close relationship there.  When Peterwas released from jail, he went to the house of Mark’s mother. Mark was the cousin of St. Barnabas, and he and St. Paul had some ups and downs, but they were brothers in the ministry.  Mark was the first bishop of Alexandria. Many people are in heaven because of the man we celebrate today, and because he was faithful to the Lord’s command in our Gospel to “proclaim the Gospel to every creature.”  The first reading speaks of humility.  I think of all the Gospel writers, Mark is the humblest.  He was not one of the 12 apostles. And he was the briefest of all the gospels. There is humility in brevity.  St. Mark pray for us.