Daily homily thoughts, 4/27

In our first reading today, we hear about the apostles.  They had been arrested and put in jail for preaching Jesus, but now they are at it again.  And now they’re in trouble again. The Sanhedrin and the high priest are frustrated. What they don’t understand is what Peter tries to explain. We can’t help it! We are so moved by Jesus that we can’t help but preach him.  That is how it must be. We should be so on fire for God that we can’t help but preach him, no matter what people think or say or whatever. Like Jeremiah in the OT. He felt like giving up so many times, but then he said, “If I say I will mention him no more, or speak any more in his name, there is as it were a fire, shut up in my bones, and I grow weary in keeping it in and I cannot.”  Pray God that be the case for us.