Daily homily thoughts, 5/4

In our Gospel today, we see this Ethiopian eunuch with his new friend Phillip.  He’s learning the rudimentary aspects of the faith and is quite taken with it all. He says, “Look, there is water. What is to prevent my being baptized?”  He doesn’t even know what baptism is but he knows he wants it. As our Gospel says, God simply “draws” people in.  It’s funny. Before this Mass I was in the narthex anointing someone and then in a little meeting there (about a baptism). Two 5th grade boys who have been hanging around here–I met them a few weeks ago and told them they could always use our basketball courts and so on–they were looking for a place to be dry for a while. I invited them in. They are not Catholic or any other type of Christian. They were filled with questions about that baptismal font and I could tell they want to be baptized. I wanted to baptize them right there.  God still draws people to the font.