Daily homily thoughts, 5/5

Today I want to offer a few thoughts as many of us prepare to run the race for vocations tomorrow.  I want to reflect on how we can make our race tomorrow holy, and I think we can apply these to the race we run called life.  We must simply PACE ourselves.

  • P:  Pray along the way.  Prayer takes our focus away from our miseries, especially when we pray for others.  That’s true for a race, and it’s true for life. What if we run each mile for a particular person and his or her vocation?  What if we carry someone in our hearts as we run, and offer up our pain for them.  I think we should do this with the different miles of the race, but also with the different miles of life.
  • A:  Aspire.  We must always have a dream, a hope, an aim as we run. As St Paul says, we keep our eyes fixed on the finish line.  We think about the finish line when we’re tired.  We always hold out hope that we will finish. We stick to our goals. The one thing we know is that Jesus has bigger dreams for us, for our lives than we do.
  • C: Communion:  Thank God we have each other.  It is always a joy to run with people, even if you’re like me and can’t hardly talk while running.  It is still a joy to have a friend nearby.  I have a running club at OLG school.  I enjoy running and talking with the kids, especially when it’s just two or three of us.  Time goes faster, and it’s all the more enjoyable.  We need one another in a race–we need those cheering us on, praying for us, and those next to us….and in front of us…and behind us.
  • E:  Eucharist.  The Eucharist, that’s what our Gospel is about today. It is our fuel.  Tomorrow, at mile ten, when you think you cannot go on, remember: I received Jesus yesterday night at Holy Mass. He is in me!  And I can do all things through him who gives me strength.  It’s true for a race. And for a life.