Daily homily thoughts, 5/11

The Acts stories we keep reading are beautiful. Take today. Paul and his companions knew that the life of the church depended on THEM, on the Spirit working through THEM. Not their neighbor or someone else. There was a strong personal sense of mission. Perhaps we US Catholics have lost that more than we’d like to admit. Fr. Hollowell shared this from +Chaput: “US Catholics are used to the Church as a large institution. We have big buildings. We run a huge network of schools, hospitals, parishes, charities, and ministries. It’s easy to abdicate our personal sense of mission to the official religious machinery. Catholics also tend to think of their Church as part of the permanent furniture of American daily life. Even if we drift away from the Faith, even if we never donate a dime, we want our childhood parish to stay open on the corner – for nostalgia sake.”