Daily homily thoughts, 5/15

Today we remember that sometimes it takes a bad thing for a good thing to happen. Take the first reading. Here we see Paul and Barnabas, being attacked in Iconium. So they hit the road and went elsewhere, like to Lystra. There they find a crippled man, lame from birth and God works a miracle through them. Had they not been attacked at Iconium, they wouldn’t have been there in Lystra for this blind man. It took a bad thing–attacks and persecution and rock throwing–for a good thing to happen. Likewise St. Isidore the Farmer. One day his son fell into a well and almost died. God spared him, miraculously. After that he began to follow Jesus in a deliberate, entire way. It took a bad thing for a good thing to happen. Same with the cross. Same with our lives.