Daily homily thoughts, 5/19

The Scriptures are filled with stories of God taking people from one place and sending them out on assignment, on mission someplace else.  Our first reading tells us how Judas and Silas got a new assignment and were sent out to Antioch from Jerusalem, some 300 miles away.  I was thinking about this because today we will send forth our 8th grade. Many of them have been at our beautiful school since preschool. They will be sent out, moved from this place to another. Whenever God sends us out of one place and to another, he ultimately gives us the same mission, which Jesus mentions in our gospel today:  Love and bear fruit that will last.  When we love as Jesus calls us to love, no matter where we are or what mission we’re on, we will leave behind a kind of legacy…..we’ll leave behind a kind of fruit that will not rot–some good work we’ve done, some prayer we’ve said, some love we’ve shown…those fruits will remain and live on.  Let us pray for our 8th graders today, and our preschoolers, who will also graduate today. May God bless them all!