Daily homily thoughts, 5/23

What imprisons us from living and sharing the faith??

  • We see Paul and Silas in our first reading, who were literally within prison bars that prevented them from bringing the good news to people.  Until there was an earthquake and God opened up the gates.
  • Today is the feast day of Pope Gregory VII, the 157th holy father. He was imprisoned from his evangelical efforts by the Roman emperor Henry IV, who did all he could to minimize the power of the papacy and Gregory in particular. He even named an antipope (Clement III).  God took care of that situation, though, and Gregory became a very important figure in the 11th century church and in the development of the doctrine of the papacy and our papal practices that survive to this day.
  • I think a lot of people are in some kind of prison that prevents them from sharing the faith….be it fear, or busy calendars, or sins and addictions, or simply apathy.

But God wants to bring those prison walls down.