The Trinity in Our Lives: A homily for the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity (A)

IMG_8361There’s a story of a high school kid who came from school an announced in great excitement that he had been chosen to be in the annual school play.  “Great!” said the father, “What’s the role?”  The kid said, “I’m playing the part of an old man who’s been married for 50 years.”  The father said, “Well that’s great son, but I do wish they would have given you a speaking part.”  HAHAHAH.  I’ve been thinking about marriage of late.  Lots of weddings lately and I have six before I leave in less than a month!  Praise God.

But I was thinking about marriage in connection with the Trinity, which we celebrate today.  Marriage is a kind of icon of the trinity.  And not just marriage–families in general, circles of friends, the church, teams, classes, schools….all of these are icons of the trinity…they reflect the essence of what the Trinity is all about and what it simply is:  (1) connection, (2) fruitfulness, and (3) self-gift.  Point of it is we need each other, we are bound to each other, we are meant to live interrelated lives, we are built to create new life, we are made to depend upon one another and give of ourselves for others.

  • Connection—the bind that links us all together. In the opening prayer at Holy Mass, we adored the UNION of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit….we adore today the CONNECTION, the LINK that binds them together and us with them …undivided, undividable.  And we are baptized into that.  We always belong, we always are connected.
  • Fruitfulness–the Trinity is always fruitful, always and eternally begetting….there is always fruitfulness, always new life, always generation.  Is this not how it is with us?  A healthy parish grows, a health marriage begets life, a healthy religious order has vocations…and so on…we are meant to give life!
  • Self-gift–kenosis, that gift of self….that is what we see in the trinity….the Son always giving to the Father, the Father always going to the Son, the Holy Spirit always giving….is that not how it is in marriage?  in priesthood? in a football team, where a player must work hard and give all his sweat and energy?

The Trinity is not completely a mystery. In fact it is in our bones, in our nature.  We need not look to all the millions of pages that the doctors of the church have penned about the Trinity, inspiring and wonderful as they are.  All we really have to do is go to a cookout, or a CYO game, or take part in a ministry.  Or, go to the festival!  I was thinking the past few days as I have spent so much time at the festival: “This is the Trinity!”  Here we have the whole parish and even more come out and enjoy our friendship in Christ.  Here we have tons of volunteers helping out, giving of their time and talents to help make our festival great.  Here we have a family affair, giving life and joy.  I’d rather experience the Trinity there than in the Summa.

All those things–marriage, families, friendships, church, teams, classes, schools, human life in general–all of these are not only icons of the trinity, they participate in the very life of the Triune God!!