Daily homily thoughts, 6/23

3bf58380d392b83af54b16e84458d8b6--savior-jesus-christThree things stand out when you look at the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  First, it’s on fire. Jesus’ heart blazes with love. You cannot put that fire out. His heart produces flames.  We reach into those flames when we pray, when we turn to God. That is where our own fire comes from. That is how we avoid being lukewarm. We reach into his heart.  Second, his heart is crowned with thorns. There is no true love where there is no cross, no sacrifice. That is true for us all. If you never hurt, if you never love in a heartbroken kind of way, you are not doing the Christian thing right.  Lastly, his heart is wounded and from those wounds his blood flows.  From his pierced heart come the sacraments of the church, the stream of salvation we are baptized into. His blood eternally flows out from his heart and covers us all.