Daily homily thoughts, 6/28

Today we celebrate St Irenaeus, bishop and martyr. His contributed a lot to our tradition, but his most famous line is this: “The Glory of God Is Man Fully Alive.” Here is John Eldredge on this quote from his book Wakign the Dead:

Hope unbidden arose at the thought that God’s intentions towards me might be better than I’d thought. His happiness and my happiness are tied together? My coming fully alive is what He’s committed to? That’s the offer of Christianity? Wow! I mean, it would make no small difference if we knew–and I mean really knew–that down-deep-in-your-toes kind of knowing that no one and nothing can talk you out of–if we knew that our lives and God’s glory were bound together. Things would start looking up. It would feel promising…the offer is life. Make no mistake about that. So then…where is that life? Why is it so rare?