Daily homily thoughts, 7/3

Today we celebrate St Thomas the Apostle. We know little about him outside of scripture, except that tradition says he brought the faith to India. What most people know about him is that he doubted. What moves me about his story is that we never do see him put his finger into Jesus’ side. He said, I’m not going to believe unless I see the marks and the nails and unless I can put my hand in his side. And then Jesus shows up again and Thomas simply falls down in worship. He forgets all his conditions.  He never does inspect the wounds. And scripture doesn’t seem to suggest that Thomas actually does put his hand in there. He simply falls down in belief, “My Lord and my God.”  Some people say, “O, I will never become Catholic unless this or that….” Or they say, “I won’t give that person a chance unless….”  Or they say, “I’ll never do that ministry until….”  We have all kinds of conditions, just like Thomas.  And then Jesus shows up.  And we can do nothing but fall down and worhsip and let him have his way.