Daily homily thoughts, 8/2

Today’s readings tell us about two things that should happen after we have an experience of God–whether in sacrament, friendship, nature, or whatever.  First, we should be radiant!  Moses, after he conversed with God, came down the mountain and he was glowing. So should we….after Mass, after confession, after a good dinner with a friend….after any experience with God.  The second thing is in our Gospel. Jesus tells of how the one guy who finds the treasure is overcome by joy, and so much that he’d give up anything for that treasure. Same for us after we experience the Lord….we should be filled with joy, ready to trade anything for the Lord we have felt.  Today’s saint, St Eusebius of Vercelli. This guy came to know by the power of an experience the divinity of Jesus and he fought tirelessly to promote the divinity of Jesus.