Daily homily thoughts, 8/4

Today we celebrate St John Vianney, patron of priests.  I think it’s a pretty cool thing that, when God went looking for a patron saint of priests, he picked a man who seemed to lack most of the gifts the world seems to value most, which we seem to value even the most in our priests.  John Vianney was not smart, he was not strong, he was not eloquent, he was not good looking, he was not a social butterfly, he was not a great administrator. What he was was on fire for Jesus.  And that fire spread.  Once they finally ordained the man–it almost didn’t happen–they stuck him in the middle of no where in a tiny town called Ars, where he couldn’t do too much damage to the souls.  His reputation spread and people came to him like you wouldn’t believe.  They had to build train tracks to Ars to get all the crowds of people there.  I cannot wait to hear a confession there, and to go to confession there one day.