Daily homily thoughts, 8/15

20768207_1762972647066015_28761769180727648_nToday, on this solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother, we celebrate that Mary was assumed, body and soul, into heaven.  It is scriptural. We hear in our first reading St. John’s vision. He sees Mary, body and soul, in heaven. What a vision!  Christians have always revered this day.
This is what I did at school Mass–

  • The human is like a balloon: the body (the rubber) and the soul (the air inside).
  • Genesis says that God breathed and we were made, body and soul.
  • In the fullness of time, Jesus came as man, like us. Body and soul.
  • Jesus, by his own power, ascended into heaven….like a balloon with helium…body and soul.
  • Mary was assumed, body and soul….no helium.  She went up by Jesus’ power.
  • Those are the only two bodies we know for sure are up there.
  • As for the rest of us, if we die and have been faithful, our souls will go up.  But bodies stay here.
  • Until the second coming, when scripture says our bodies will rise up.