Daily homily thoughts, 9/11

whataboutery – n., the practice of responding to an accusation by making a counter-accusation, real or imaginary, relevant or irrelevant.   This is what we see in our Gospel. Jesus is always inviting the Pharisees and Scribes to be better and step up. He accuses them of being hypocrites, scoundrels, insincere in their following of him.  Yet when Jesus accuses them, instead of taking his accusations to heart and pondering the merit in them, they instead go about whataboutery; they look for ways to accuse Jesus.  Like today, when they accuse and condemn him for working a miracle on the Sabbath.  All this happens today, too.  Jesus accuses us of falling short–we feel that in our hearts, don’t we?–and instead of taking it all to heart, sometimes we fall into whataboutery; we accuse God of not being there for us, not giving us enough grace, etc.  That is not the way!