Teach them that Jesus is real

I enjoyed reading a little card from St Meinrad profiling a holy man who is a good friend and soon-to-be priest, Dcn David Farrell:

It was while working in a summer youth camp in rural North Dakota that Deacon David Farrell’s prayer life blossomed. “A priest was teaching us how to talk to the kids about prayer,” explains Deacon David…”He told us, ‘If you teach these kids anything this summer, teach them that Jesus is real.”

“What he was calling us to do was to witness through our own experiences that Jesus is real and present in our lives. From that point on, I started praying every day and started forming a deep relationship with Christ.”

It’ a relationship that has deepened through the years. “When I first began praying, the goal was to spend time with Jesus. As I’ve gotten further in the seminary formation at St Meinrad, I’ve come to see that prayer is not only about a relationship with Jesus; it’s about transformation in Christ. I’s about becoming more like Him.”

Once he’s ordained a priest, Dcn David looks forward to helping others encounter God. “Prayer helps us live in the awareness and presence of God continually and helps us realize how joyful that can be. That’s something I hope to bring to my parishes. I want to help others see the way God is working in their lives and how He is knocking on the door of their hearts.”