Full candy baskets: A homily for the 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time (A)

I love Halloween.  When I was a kid, we’d got out and get candy and mom would stay home. For several years there, few kids came to our house for trick-or-treating.  Maybe it was the hill.  Who knows.  A wonderful priest, Fr. Tony Hollowell, reflected on a similar phenomenon in his own life. He had a bunch of candy to give away at Halloween but no one knocked on the door.

Which made him wonder: perhaps this is the same way with the saints.  We celebrate the saints this month. They have a treasure trove of graces to bestow on us, and they want to give it away, but we aren’t knocking on the door.

Same with the Lord.  He says in our first reading…I got lots of words, but no one is listening. I want to put lots of things in your hearts, but they’re not open.  St Paul says we’re like babies and God is mother whose breast feeds us….but we often remove ourselves from that source of life.

God and his saints have an unending basket of candy, but something better: grace and life and love.  They are waiting to shower it on us.  If only we knock on their door.

Knock and the door will be opened.  Seek, and ye shall find.