Daily homily thoughts, 12/18

“Content with life in the shadows, Joseph stands as a fine example to human fathers as to how they should lead their children to and through a life of holiness.” – Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas.

“Saint Joseph is the supreme example of a man who takes nothing for himself. When faced with problems, anxieties and dark periods, he knows how to walk in the dark, how to listen to the voice of God, how to move forward in silence. Joseph fought within himself; in that struggle, the voice of God is heard: ‘But get up’ — that ‘Get up’ [which is heard] so many times in the Bible at the beginning of a mission — ‘Take Mary, bring her to your home. Take charge of the situation; take this situation in hand, and go forward.’ Joseph didn’t go to his friends to be comforted, he didn’t go to a psychiatrist so that he could interpret the dream. No…He believed. And he went forward. He took the situation in hand.” Pope Francis, homily on Dec 18 2017