Daily homily thoughts, 1/2

Today we celebrate the feast day of Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen, Bishops and Doctors of the Church.  Together with St Gregory of Nyssa, these two men are known as the Cappadocian Fathers. These men transformed the Church! They had lots to do with defending truth against Arianism especially, they organized monastic life (the heart of the church), prayed together, wrote together, founded hospitals, and the list goes on. They composed together The Philocalia of Origen.  This text was an anthology of Origen’s writings.  Isn’t that interesting….because Basil went on to write his famous Rule for Monks and Gregory wrote his famous Orations on the Divinity of the Logos…..Both wrote a lot of other things, too, and down through the ages people have written about them.  They wrote about their fathers in the faith, and countless generations have now written about their works.  Hopefully that is how it works for us, too: we build on our ancestors and their legacies, and then our descendants, we pray, will do the same after us, building on our legacies.