Daily homily thoughts, 1/5

Saint John Neumann is the saint we celebrate today.  He was from Prague and went to seminary there. There is an interesting story that makes me laugh about this guy, but it probably didn’t make him laugh. The story was that it finally came to be John’s ordination day. He was excited to finally be a priest. But his bishop was sick that day. Because there were so any priests, they never rescheduled his ordination. He ended up going to New York, where they did want a priest. He soon became a Redemptorist and was charged with reorganizing the Catholic school system in New York. In his few years in that position, the diocese went from having 500 Catholic school students to over 9000. This guy believed in Catholic schools with all his heart. Why?  Because what St John says in our first reading. It is all about love. A good Catholic school is a school of love, a school of faith.  In this school of love, students are taught how to love, how to follow the Lord, how to live good lives–certainly by means of religion classes, but more importantly by means of the atmosphere there. The live and breathe love and faith every day. We pray God’s blessings upon our school. May we always grow in number and in holiness, through the intercession of St. John Neumann (whose feast day is today) and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (foundress of the American Catholic school system, whose feast was yesterday).