Daily homily thoughts, 1/22

Today, Jan 22, is a day the Church in the US prays with all its heart and all its spirit and voice for the legal protection of the unborn. On this day in 1973, a tragic decision came to our land from the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade.  “Roe” was Norma McCorvey and she was seeking an abortion in Dallas Co Texas. “Wade” was Henry Wade, the district attorney of the county who enforced the Texas law that prohibited abortion.

The court ruled in favor of Roe, and this decision has led to COUNTLESS lost lives. An entire class of people — the unborn — have been slaughtered by the atrocity, the tragedy of abortion, and our laws say it is no problem.  When will we wake up as a country and realize the awful reality of this?

Norma McCorvey (“Roe”), in 2003, announced her regret about all this.  She is now pro-life.  I pray the same for our country.  Today, with all our muster, the Church yells: IT IS NOT OKAY.  We stand for life.  Because God stands for life.

Regardless of your feelings towards our president, we must rejoice that he has declared today “National Sanctity of Human Life Day” and that our president and so many others in office condemn abortion and are working to promote life in this regard. Every life counts, and it all starts at the moment of conception.  There are other issues, too, of course, but today is a day to pray for legal protection for the unborn in particular.  Thinking back to my homily about the lights yesterday, it is a sad thing to consider how many lights are out because we killed them and the law is okay with that.  It is not okay.  It is not okay.