Daily homily thoughts, 1/30

David was an old man, and his sons began to wonder: who will be the next king? They all wanted the post. Absolom, the third eldest son, starts to kill the competition. Then he decides: better to kill the king, my dad….then the kingdom will be mine.  He sets out and the funny thing happens that his hair gets stuck in the tree, and his horse keeps going while he just hangs there from the tree. You can’t make this stuff up.  David’s army hears he’s there and goes and kills him.  David cries when he hears this, so much did he love his son.  He loved him even though he knew he wanted to kill him.  There are folks out to get all of us.  No one is universally liked.  People even call me and whine about things and yell at me. The trick is: we love them in the midst of it. We love people even when we see the ugliest side of humanity–greed, addiction, anger, instability, racism, violence. There is never an excuse not to love.  Jesus sees some ugly sides of humankind in the Gospel…and he loves it all away.