Daily homily thoughts, 3/19

Today is the feast day of St Joseph.  He is the provider par excellence. He provided for the Holy Family. We hear in our first reading about David building a house for God. Joseph did just that. He built a house for the holy family, a literal home for Blessed Mother and Jesus. He provided for every one of Blessed Mother’s needs, and the same for Jesus.  He does the same for us.  Go to Joseph, as the saying goes.  Because Joseph provides. He provides for our needs, because we are the Church and the Church is Jesus.  There’s a great image of St Joseph holding a church.  It is the same as his holding Jesus, because the church is the body of Jesus.  He cares for us because we are the Church, we are Jesus.  Go to Joseph.  Last Sat we were on our Oldenburg/Batesville pilrimage. There is a window in the churhc of HOly Family in Oldenburg, of Joseph dying. He is surrounded by Jesus and Mary (who were by then in heaven).  What a depiction!  Blessed Mother and Jesus providing eternal life for Joseph, who had provided them somuch on earth.  Go to Joseph.