Daily homily thoughts, 6/22

Today the Church around the world honors St. Thomas More, a faithful family man who died at the orders of King Henry XIII, founder of the Church of England.  We know the story–the King wanted a divorce, but the Pope was not willing–not able!–to dissolve his perfectly valid marriage.  St Thomas More, an advisor to the king and a friend, tried to convince Henry of the right path, but Henry would have none of it.  He was determined to start his own church (odd, given that he had been infuriated by Luther and, in response to what he did, had written a most beautiful defense–which still survives–of the Catholic Church called In Defense of the Seven Sacraments).  Henry famously accused his friend and advisor Thomas More of being an unfaithful servant as he signed his execution order, to which More replied: “I shall die the king’s faithful servant, but God’s first.”  We are all called to be God’s faithful servant, and to be that before anything else.