“As the LORD spoke to me…”: A homily for the 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time (B)

Is-the-Bible-the-Word-of-GodThe first few lines from our first reading today (Ezekiel) go like this: “As the LORD spoke to me, the spirit entered into me and set me on my feet….”

This is what happens when we listen to the word of God….when we take the time to listen to him speak — especially in scripture:  the Spirit enters us and sets us on our feet!

Three steps then:

  1. Listen to God speak, daily scripture reading
  2. Holy Spirit fills us
  3. God sets us on our feet….ACTION

First, we have to take the time.  We can’t make excuses….daily scripture reading is critical!  Maybe just a verse of the day, or a miracle of the day, or work your way through Proverbs, or Psalms, or Gospels, whatever….we must listen to God speak!

Second:  Because when we do that, when we listen to God, we are filled with the Spirit!  He enters us….fills us!  St Paul knew this well.  He says: “That I, Paul, might not become too elated, because of the abundance of the revelations, a thorn in the flesh was given to me….”  He was filled with the Spirit, after experiencing an “abundance of revelations”  The saints, too – they were filled with the spirit….that’s how they did what they did, not because they were stronger than the rest, but because in their weakness they turned to HIS POWER

Third:  Then, after we’ve heard God speak and been filled with his spirit, God puts us to action.  That’s why we stand for the Gospel at Mass: because through it God calls us to act.