Daily homily thoughts, 7/18

Today, what really spoke to me was the responsorial psalm.  It says,“The Lord will not abandon his people.”  Now, I’ve never been much of a pet owner, except for a few fish, but if you own a dog or cat and it runs away, most owners will try to go find it.  I’ve never really felt this emotion with my previous fish, although I have had a few jump out of the tank.  I assume that it must be very saddening to lose something that is such a big part of your life, just as Mary and Joseph must have felt when they lost Jesus, just hopefully on a much lesser scale.  If you lose you pet, you look for it; even though it was your pet’s choice to run away.  If we find our pet, we pick it up and bring it home; not the pet’s choice.  Our Lord feels the same way as us when someone falls away from the Church.  The only difference is that he can’t just bring people back, it is their free will.  We must be God’s earthly hands, evangelizing those who have fallen away.  We must guide them and bring them back to the Church.  It is our job and we must fulfill it.