Daily homily thoughts, 7/23

The Prophet Micah tells us in our first reading,“You have been told, O man, what is good, and what the LORD requires of you: Only to do the right and to love”. Father Tran, OFM, really helped to show me how important love is. Now, obviously love is important, but it is amazing how interconnected it is with everything. Love of God gives us love of His people, His creation, and His Church. If we love God’s people, we serve the poor and help the needy. If we love God’s creation, we respect it. If we love God’s Church, we go to mass, make ourselves available to the sacraments, and serve through liturgical ministries. An atheist may love God’s people and nature, but they are an atheist because they do not love God’s Church. A Catholic may love God’s Church and nature, but if they do not help show others how to love God they do not truly love God’s people. Loving God is not just loving some of what he gives us. It is loving ALL He gives us. You may completely love one or two parts of God, but that is not good enough. That is only liking God. Liking God will not get us to Heaven, loving Him will.